Sunday, January 2, 2011

Technology As A Tool In The Hands Of The Human Race

We have been accustomed to coexist with technology. Metaphorically speaking we are on a technological voyage, we have been on board this ship for ages now, and we have to keep steering the ship to the right direction to reach a successful destination. We have been through a lot of stormy weathers but we managed to stay afloat and sailing. But where will our relentless technological voyage lead us?

Throughout history there are those among us who proclaimed themselves as the dominant superior ones, who unethically took immediate advantage of our unsuspecting nature by enforcing their influential authority to turn every possible circumstance to their potential benefit to serve their deranged purpose. Having greatest ascendancy and decisive advantage these greedy arrogant individuals were opportunistic enough to deliberately risk the welfare of those who are considered inferior by persuading the inferior ones to test the depth of the water with both feet and drown, so that the prevalence of their selfish purpose can continue to inherit the earth by benefiting from the demise of the inferior ones in order to accommodate only a sufficient number of selected prominent few to remain on board the voyage for adequate consumption of our increasingly exhausted environmental resources.

What happened cannot be undone, but the past serves as a basic fundamental foundation for us to patiently endure what is yet to come in the future. The experiences we have learned from the past taught us that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. And we should know how to deal with the consequences of our actions, not risk the welfare of the others as a result of our excessive environmental consumption, which brings about the consequential tendency for territorial conquest to become the ultimate last resort, as nations rise against nations as they become rivals in their struggle for survival with their simultaneous demand for the consumption of our depleted environmental resources.

Striving for higher power through technological means for the achievement of territorial supremacy to gain global dominance is the major contributing factor that continue to cause the largest problems related to the further degradation of our planet.

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