Written by: Ian Jonas Yam

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why it is Important to Learn How to use an Analogue or Analog Multimeter / Multitester

While digital multimeters are extensively used nowadays as it is the most common electrical test meter preferrably chosen by every electrical technicians in every electrical industry, considering its widespread popularity for ease of use and with its abundant availability of choices in a wide variety of functions and features in almost every brands and models out in the market these days, yet still there are times when you are caught in certain situations when you are left with no choice but to use the traditional analog multimeter when a digital one is not on hand, where you would most probably find yourself so helpless, unable to do anything but to just hopelessly stare at the darn thing with frustration, not knowing where to begin and how to use it since you are more accustomed to modern multimeters which are all digital instruments.

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