Written by: Ian Jonas Yam


This site is dedicated to presenting a straightforward approach and simplified understanding about the many aspects of industrial control technology.  It aims to provide supplemental basic training tips for learning industrial process automation control system technology, electric motor controllers, PLC logic programming principles for application with industrial process automation systems, which are all derived from the author's accumulated knowledge and skill from many years of active participation in many actual events and activities in the industry.

This blog also contains some articles about technology and its profound impact to humanity. It is also meant to convey mankind's role in sustaining life on earth, the intellectual evolution of man and the effects of technology in the continued degradation of our planet.

Your time and interest to visit this site is well appreciated. The author will try his best to devote much of his time and effort to provide you with the most relevant information as much as he can, as he goes along developing and improving this site in the best possible way most suitable for easy reading and learning, weaving together the very fabric of the many methods involved while reducing the complexity but forming the fundamental parts into a simple concept in order to present to you a vast collection of ideas that can easily contribute to your gaining of knowledge and understanding about the industrial electrical field, particularly the many aspects of its implementation which comprises the application of industrial process automation control technology.

Feel free to browse this site for anything in particular that catches your attention which you may find interesting and worth exploring further by referring to this site's Archive, or by selecting any topic of interest that are enumerated on the site's content list under Categories, or by navigating your way around the site by directly accessing the articles of your choice from the Site Map.

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