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Multimeter - Best gift idea for all occasions ideal for Electrical Tradesmen, Electricians, Engineers, Technicians and Hobbyist

Should you ever find it tough to shop for a perfect gift idea that will be appreciated by every electrical or electronic technician, tradesmen, hobbyist or apprentice for Christmas, birthdays or graduation present, but you are on a very tight budget and everything you can find just seems to be a bit expensive, or perhaps you might not have the slightest technical idea about anything that has to do with tools and gadgets at all.

All you need is to buy an affordable but essentially important electrical tool that every electrical tradesmen must have. A multimeter or multi-tester will always come in handy for anyone who works with or for someone with a job that has something to do with electricity. Every electrical tradesmen must have a multimeter or multi-tester, it is the most indispensable tool they cannot do without. An electrician without a multimeter is like a soldier going to battle without ammunition.
What is a Multimeter:
Basically, by comparing to the field of medical practice, a multimeter to an electrical tradesmen is very much like a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer that a doctor relies on for diagnosing the condition of a particular ailment of the human body by determining their common signs and symptoms.
A Multimeter or Multi-tester also known as a Volt-Ohm Meter (short for VOM) is an electronically designed electrical measuring instrument that is capable of measuring AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) voltages, currents and resistance values. It is a device specifically intended for electrical and electronics troubleshooting and diagnosis to determine causes of electrical failures and to provide electrical fault finding and analysis in various electrical applications typically for industrial or household equipments.
There are many types of multimeters to choose from two basic types classified as analog multimeter and digital multimeter, they are available in a variety of prices ranging from the comparatively inexpensive ones to the costly ones.
Multimeter Choices:
For practicality and price-wise reason, you may be looking for an electrical multimeter or multi-tester worth having and owning for household use, such as for checking batteries, electrical wires and outlets that would provide the functions sufficient enough for the intended purpose of determining the presence of power at home or for quick reference voltage and ohms reading.
There are basically two types of electrical test meters, the digital multimeter and the traditional analog multimeter. Below you will find an illustrated list of palm size handheld digital multimeters which would be suitable to do the job. It's a cheaper alternative if you're looking for an affordable electrical multimeter for use with occasional household electrical and electronic needs. It's a bargain and a good option to buy if you're looking for cheap multimeter that is comparatively inexpensive but useful and handy enough that works perfectly fine as a multimeter itself.

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