Monday, December 6, 2010

Technology Education - The Tree Of Knowledge

While mankind progressed in developing more and more sophisticated inventions, man became excessively possessive in acquiring more than what he needs. Man became increasingly obsessed with the endless possibilities of his superior ability in conceiving innovative ideas while disregarding the imminent danger of excessive environmental consumption. Man placed himself in the higher order above all living things on the planet and created civilizations of possessive societies, a civilized selfish society of man with excessive regard for territorial advantage and interest.

Persuaded by greed and arrogance, man established segregation and territorial boundaries to place in a favorable position those who are distinguished superior from those considered inferior, which has become more intensely influenced by racial discrimination, intellectual superiority, economic wealth and the glorification of religious ideology which are all contributing factors that persistently seeks to conquer by using technology to engage in acts of terror and violence, or by creating sophisticated weapons to wage war and annihilate other nations to attain global dominance.

We are now living in an endangered planet as we scavenge through our technological wreckage while we keep on populating and imprudently consume whatever is left of our natural resources. It is of utmost importance for mankind to be reminded time and again to look back and recall his primitive origin, to bring him back to his humble beginning where man respects nature and recognizes the existence of a superior entity above him that governs and maintains a peaceful and harmonious universal order of the existence of life without the insanity of territorial conquest, racial prejudice and religious fanaticism.

Mankind seems to have forgotten that the original purpose of technology is not for the destruction of the planet, that the purpose of scientific discoveries and technological advancement is intended for the purpose of creating a responsible civilized human society that does not resort to acts of lunacy such as placing the whole world in a chaotic state of being held hostage by creating weapons of mass destruction to establish and expand territorial dominance.

The educational approach in teaching technology education in every public and private institution entails great responsibility and obligation, it must be taught with extreme caution by emphasizing that technology is intended to supplement and not as a substitute for the value of life. This is the most significant factor to consider when promoting technology education to young students, including early childhood education.

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