Thursday, December 9, 2010

Technology Established Man's Rule On Earth

The humankind reigns as the superior intellectual entity to inhabit the earth ever since man persistently refused to remain ignorant about his existence. Since the dawn of civilization, man was neither mentally nor emotionally contented with his primitive understanding of the way things are but was rather filled with overwhelming curiosity to explore the world around him. Hence, in order for the human race to endure as the dominant species, man realized the necessity of changing his perspective about the world in which he lives in and nurtured his hunger for knowledge by equipping himself with rational thinking ability acquired from his direct experience with nature which further developed man's intellectual process of discovering alternative solutions to simplify the complexities of conventional task for his survival.

As we evolved to become creatures with highly developed brain we learned to develop our creativity in crafting our own tools to build structures and machines. And as we improvise with more proficient methods to improve our skills in the usage and knowledge of tools we began to appreciate the application of science and technology as a revolutionary tool in order for us to sustain life, which is supposedly for the purpose of improving our existence and to contribute for the good of the planet. Having the capability of logical thinking endowed man with the capacity to reason which transformed man's behavior about his sense of purpose and how he adapts to the world around him. This led to man's unending quest to embark in an exploratory expedition in the pursuit of knowledge which resulted in many scientific discoveries and technological innovations that established man's dominion on the planet.

But instead of having the intellectual capacity to live in perfect harmony with nature, having the advantage of being the superior organism over all earthly life forms is now revealing a devastating effect to our existence as well as to other living organisms on the planet. We seem to have lost our primary sense of direction and purpose in sustaining life as greed triumphed over the rational side and eventually revealed the animal side of man.

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